David Fincher Is Going Full ‘Zodiac’ In The New ‘Gone Girl’ Trailer

(You can also watch the trailer over at Apple)

Remember in ‘Zodiac’ where you never knew exactly who killed all those people, so there was just this oppressive atmosphere of overwhelming dread and creepiness surrounding everyone? David Fincher is great at creating that atmosphere, and as you can see in the latest trailer, he’s laying it on pretty thick in ‘Gone Girl,’ where an entire town thinks Ben Affleck murdered his missing wife, Rosamund Pike (probably because he’s got those weird baby teeth). Neil Patrick Harris shows up as a creepy dude and Tyler Perry reprises his role as Guy Who Has Been Stunt Cast from ‘Alex Cross.’ Have you noticed that when he isn’t playing Madea, Tyler Perry stands stock still and reads his lines like an Al Qaeda hostage? It’s very strange. The man has the charisma of a vice principal.

‘Gone Girl’ kicks off awards season October 3rd, and while the David Fincher film is based on a novel by Gillian Flynn, Flynn wrote the screenplay herself and apparently gave it an entirely new, different third act, so good luck trying to spoil that one, book readers. It just goes to show you, reading books never did anything for anyone.