David S. Goyer Still Won’t Admit If He’s Writing ‘Justice League’ Or Not

David S. Goyer recently spoke as a part of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts’ and British Film Institute Screenwriters’ Lecture Series, and he said a lot of really interesting things about the state of the writing profession in both movies and television. But because we all have short attention spans and only really care about the huge projects that he’s currently working on, namely the Man of Steel sequel that will finally give us Superman and Batman on the big screen, there was only one question that truly matters: DUDE, are you writing the Justice League movie or not?

And Goyer, ever the blunt force of honesty, delivered a firm answer that should finally get us all off of his back…

“Might be, can’t say.”

Damn it, Goyer, you son of a bitch. Stop playing games and just tell us if you’re writing the f*cking movie or not so we can move on to the next logical step, which is complaining about not knowing the exact details of the story that you’re using.