Watch this local news dork lose his sh*t over Pacific Rim

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07.12.13 8 Comments


Jesus mother of God, would you listen to these two human yap dogs as they try to explain the plot of Pacific Rim? They’re laughing so damn hard you’d almost think they hadn’t already gone over the script for the telecast 10 minutes before this. I know it’s a silly plot, but… really? Is there anything worse than news anchors feigning shock/outrage/gravity/surprise? “Why this is OUTRAGEOUS, I never in all my life…”

Jeez, get ahold of yourself, dickweed. If you’re this entertained by the synopsis of Pacific Rim, the waterskiing squirrel coming up at the top of the hour is going to give you a coronary.

DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG

I’ve seen your future, Lights Camera Jackson.

[That’s Tony Perkins and Allison Seymour of DC’s Fox 5, thanks to Brad at RopeofSilicon for the tip]

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