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10.06.09 15 Comments

You may notice that comments are turned off on this YouTube video.  Also turned off?  Self-awareness.  I actually think this is better than the original.  Funnier, definitely.

Daily Circle Jerk Links:

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  • Eve doesn’t like Adam in that way. |CollegeHumor|
  • Boostalk is the new hot rapper on the block.  I think he may have a speech impediment. |FListed|
  • People making the best of the Luchador Mask. |Atom|
  • Chicks dig musicians.  This guy must get so much poon tang. |GorillaMask|
  • Come with me on this majestic journey of 49er domination, or else Mike Singletary will tea bag you in your sleep. |BleacherReport|
  • Movie mistakes of the 80s. |MovieMistakes|
  • American Mustache Institute announces its Goulet award finalists. |AMI|

[thanks to Bobby Hacker for the tip on the video]

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