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07.02.09 32 Comments

(careful, trailer is NSFW for brief nudity)

Deadgirl is a heartwarming coming-of-age film about the trials and tribulations* of high school, friendship, the girl of your dreams, and the zombie f-cktoy you keep in an abandoned mental hospital.  (It’s basically like Weird Science if Kelly LeBrock had been a corpse). The trailer has some brief nudity, but it’s on a dead girl, so I don’t know if that counts as NSFW.  I guess it probably does.  But what would a movie about zombie f*cktoys be without nudity?  A zombie f*cktoy movie without nudity is like pancakes without maple syrup, or a childhood without birthday parties.  Anyway, before I get caught up smelling my own farts, Deadgirl opens in limited release July 24 and was made by some people you’ve never heard of but you can read all about here.

*sidenote: isn’t a “trial” and a “tribulation” the same damn thing?  who comes up with this crap? is it just because they both start with “T”? people are stupid.

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