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03.14.08 67 Comments

This is the new trailer for Deal (video after the jump, courtesy of CinemaBlend).  Burt Reynolds is in it, and as you can see, he’s had his entire face reupholstered with the skin of dead baby scrotums.

In spite of his face, he still manages to be kind of a hardass.  But this movie – well, let’s just say the answer to an SAT question would be Deal, Poker ; Never Back Down, MMA.  Bret Harrison as a poker champion?  I’ll believe that when Zac Efron gets an anchor tattoo on his forearm.        

I’m also boycotting all Shannon Elizabeth movies until she shows her boobs again.  She’s like a girl who bangs you on the first date and then decides she’s a born-again virgin.  Oh, I’m sorry, you must have me confused with a born-again sucker.  Look, ladies, all I’m saying is that if anal’s off the table, it’s pretty much “smell ya later.” 

So… What do you think about this movie, Facelift Cat

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