Dear Hollywood, Please Make An ‘Uggie’ Movie

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11.05.12 4 Comments

I thought this was a joke when I saw this the other day, but it’s not. Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier who has appeared in films such as The Artist and Water for Elephants, released a book recently, which means that Vince is probably going to drink a lot tonight. As for Uggie, though, the book was actually written by his British author Wendy Holden, as told by the dog’s owner, Omar Von Muller, because people apparently love reading about some random dude bragging about his dog. And if that’s true, you should have seen my dog roll around in cat crap the other day.
So what’s so cool about Uggie anyway?

As an unruly nine-month-old puppy, Uggie had been destined for the dog pound but was rescued by animal trainer Mr Von Muller. Since then, he has starred in a number of television adverts and had minor roles in films before being cast as Queenie alongside Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson in 2011’s Water for Elephants.
So enamoured was he with Reese, he dedicated his book to her – “For Reese, my love, my light.”
Mr Von Muller said: “He was crazy about Reece. One of the only people I’ve ever seen distract Uggie was her.”
But it was his role as Jean Dujardin’s sidekick in silent film The Artist that turned him into a superstar.
In February this year, Mr Von Muller made the decision to retire Uggie now aged 10, from full-time feature films. (Via the Belfast Telegraph)

There you have it, folks – a dog is retired. So that should make you blue collar warriors feel great.
That said, please make a movie about Uggie, Hollywood. Dogs rule, cats drool. After the jump, I’ve included some pictures of Uggie because that’s what God wants me to do.

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