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03.25.10 19 Comments

Praise be to Allah, I don’t know if I could’ve faced tomorrow without the promise that I might someday see a Buck Rogers movie. It’s going to be in 3D and directed by Death Race/Event Horizon/Resident Evil‘s Paul W.S. Anderson (not to be confused with Paul Thomas Anderson — you can tell the difference because one of them makes good movies):

Buck Rogers, the fighter pilot who wakes up in the 25th Century, is being relaunched as a 3D screen hero. Paul WS Anderson has locked a deal to direct a new version of the classic tale of a fighter pilot who quickly acclimates to the future and puts his skills to use defending the planet against invaders.  Iron Man scribes Art Marcum and Matt Holloway will write the screenplay. Anderson is casting for a fall shoot. [Deadline]

You might remember that Frank Miller was once attached to this, but then people actually saw what he‘d do when given a chance to direct a movie. I don’t know about Paul WS Anderson, but I like that they’re doing it 3D, because I imagine a person who still gives a sh*t about Buck Rogers doesn’t have the best eyesight.  Maybe in this version he can fight kids who don’t call and the Orientals.

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