05.08.09 9 years ago 30 Comments

So JJ Abrams’ Star Trek opens today.  That much we’ve established.  Then Current TV hosted the above video, in which a group of Storm Troopers call in an air strike from the Death Star on what looks like the Enterprise, hovering over the Golden Gate bridge.  Here’s their description:

Military force was authorized yesterday minutes after the E.T.’s 48 hour deadline had passed. The E.T’s were given an ultimatum to stop their whale poaching and leave Earth or face military action.

…Yeah.  So is this some elaborate burn by Star Wars fans on Star Trek fans?  Come on, fellas, don’t fight.  There’s no reason we should have to choose between you.  That’d be like trying to choose a favorite autistic child.  Hmm, now that I put it that way, maybe they should fight…

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