Deniro and Travolta Flirt On Set, Almost Kiss

06.10.13 5 years ago

So first of all, just want to give a big “not really” to that headline. These are the stunt doubles for Robert Deniro (who shares with Richard Gere, I guess) and John Travolta on that straight ;-) to VOD POS called Killing Season. The description for the video says the doubles have “their own ‘Killing Season’ for Goof-Balls! HA!” and then they start teasing each other about where they are, how the camera works, and why ya had to go and pick a retirement home in Ft. Lauderdale. Pretty friendly dudes, right? Getting all close like that (for the camera though, no homo) and touching skin and giggling and talking about kissing (Ha ha! Be crazy if we kissed, right…? HA! Goof-Balls for life, man). Is this what true love looks like?

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