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12.18.08 24 Comments

Denis Leary is promoting his new book in this video by agreeing to share stories about the films he’s done.

Demolition Mangiant piece of shit.  Wesley Snipes was insane, because he insisted on doing all of his own action stuff.  And then they’d wait until they’d wrapped him, and then they’d have the stunt guy come in and have him redo all the action stuff.  Sylvester Stallone had his own driving range, and a golf pro on set all 17 hours a day while filming.

The Ref – greatest Christmas movie ever made [Editor’s Note: it is pretty solid.].  The studio, which was Disney, wanted Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold to play the married couple.  And that was the day that Ted Demme said, ‘F-ck you’.  [and cast Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis, a wise decision IMHO].

Anyway, it’s a good video and I wish more actors (or what have you) would do stuff like this.  However, Demolition Man a piece of shit?  How dare you, sir.  The three shells?  Murder Death Kill?  Dinners at Taco Bell?  John Spartan??  EDGAR FRIENDLY WE HARDLY KNEW YE!  …Sorry. But I’d rather people insult my dead grandmother than Demolition Man.

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