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02.11.10 37 Comments

Dennis Lehane is best known for writing the novels Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone, whose subjects were child molestation and child molestation, respectively, as well as penning a few episodes of The Wire, most notably the ones involving child molestation.  Now Lehane is set to make his feature screenwriting debut, adapting his own short story Animal Rescue for Fox 2000. Animal Rescue reportedly deals with “a killing resulting from a lost and contested pit bull” and was published in a collection called Boston Noir, which Lehane also edited.  I haven’t read it, but /Film reports that it’s set in Dorchester and the first line is:

Bob found the dog in the trash.

And knowing Dennis Lehane, I image the next line is, “Hey, Tawmy– yeah, it’s Rawjuh.  Yeah, dey killed my fackin’ dawg.  That’s right, fackin’ Nomah, da Rawtweilah, he’s dead.  Dead as fackin dawnail.  Haahtless, these hahd ons.  Who do you think it was? Caspah?  Squeezebawx?  I dunno who dey think theyuh dealin wit, cuz I gawt half a mind ta  go take one a dayuh kids down to da hahbah an molest da sonovabitch, just like dat sonovabitch priest molested me.  GO SAWX!  I miss my fackin’ dawg.”

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