Marvel Reps Shut Down Stan Lee At Denver Comic-Con When He Tried To Name His Favorite Movie Cameo

Earlier this year, Stan Lee broke the hearts of Canadian comic book fans when he announced that this year’s Fan Expo Canada would be his final public appearance in the Great White North. Obviously, this has American fans wondering if his current tour of comics convention events across the U.S. will also be his last, as the 93-year-old Marvel icon’s health has been questioned ever since he revealed that he cannot read books anymore due to his failing eyesight. However, after watching Lee’s Q&A session from the Denver Comic-Con on Saturday, we’d be a little surprised if he’s completely done with taking the stage.

For example, just look at the way he leapt from that couch (around the 4:25 mark) to find out why he wasn’t allowed to talk about his favorite Marvel movie cameo. Sure, Marvel is notoriously strategic and diabolical when it comes to keeping its movie secrets hush-hush, but Lee just wanted to have some fun and tease his fans a little. But because his favorite cameo is still to come – he admits that he has at least three more cameos in upcoming MCU films – Marvel reps were understandably quick to tell everyone’s favorite storyteller to use his heightened ability to zip his lips.

Lee talked about plenty in Denver, including an enthusiastic endorsement of Tom Holland as the new Spider-Man, but when one young fan asked him to name his favorite movie that he has appeared in, Lee picked one that doesn’t have Marvel’s name attached. “I got a big kick out of Mallrats,” he says around the 21:00 mark, before telling yet another great story. Somewhere, Kevin Smith’s jorts are bursting with pride.