Denzel Washington Wants To Play James Bond And Other Facts From His AMA

Thanks to the wonderful new Reddit Ask Me Anything phone and tablet app, you don’t ever have to miss the times that your favorite celebrity swings by the Internet’s front page to answer questions from all of his or her biggest fans and/or weirdos and pervs. And today’s celebrities don’t get much bigger than Denzel Washington, who hosted his own AMA last Friday, while continuing to be arguably the coolest man on the planet. (Sorry, fans of Stephen Dorff, but Denzel will always have my vote.)

While he was actually promoting his new film, The Equalizer, which is a big screen adaptation of the 80s CBS series, but presumably much more badass since it features Denzel kicking ass, the actor opened up about everything from his favorite rappers to his secret to still looking like he did back in the 90s. But in between all of that, he also dropped two amazing ideas for viral fan campaigns that absolutely need to pick up steam, especially with Saturday Night Live right around the corner. First thing’s first, though, what was that about James Bond?

For starters, Denzel should be able to pick any role he wants and immediately get it, because he’ll make it 100 times better than almost any actor currently playing the part. But as one of the galaxy’s biggest James Bond fans, Denzel’s way better than Bond. He doesn’t need legendary franchise characters, because he takes the roles he is given and makes them legendary.

As for a campaign that fans should jump all over…

The only problem with this – and it’s not just for Denzel, but any celebrity that we love – is that SNL would need to pull out all the stops to make sure that the material given to Denzel would be worthy of his time. It can’t just be an hour of Jay Pharoah doing his Denzel impression while the actual Denzel shakes his head, a bad Digital Short knockoff and Weekend Update, all separated by two Iggy Azalea lip-syncing performances.

As for the most important question that every celebrity should answer in any interview…

#TeamDogs. Any projects coming up that we need to start freaking out about?

Nick Cannon better not end up in that. Hey, what would happen if I ran into Denzel at a karaoke bar and asked him to sing a duet? Would it be “Ebony and Ivory” or something way more awesome?