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I thought the first trailer for Universal’s CGI, 3D animated Despicable Me was interesting because it didn’t give away too much of the plot.  Then again, I forgot it almost as soon as I posted it so what do I know.  This is the second trailer, which seems to have a completely different plot than the first.  This one makes it seem like it’s about Steve Carell’s villain character, Gru (who apparently speaks with a Russian accent the whole time), and his rivalry with a better super villain; the last one seemed to be about Gru’s plan to steal the world’s monuments.  Then there’s the synopsis about Gru adopting some orphan girls.  But it’s all more or less irrelevant because there’s a nut shot in the trailer, and you know my rule about nut shots in the trailer.  Nut shots in the trailer are up there with the presence of Cam Gigandet when it comes to surefire predictors of a movie’s suckitude.

Also familiar with nut shots in a trailer?  Your mom.  (Because she lives in a trailer, you see.)

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