Despite What Everyone In America Thought, ‘3 Days To Kill’ Is Not ‘Jack Ryan’

Last night, as I was watching the NFC Championship Game in between updates at my MENSA meeting, I saw the commercial for the upcoming Kevin Costner action film, 3 Days to Kill. I hadn’t heard of this movie up til that point, so I asked my friend sitting to my left (it should be assumed that a Hooters waitress was on my right) if he knew about it and he replied, “I thought that was a Jack Ryan commercial.” So I took the Twitters and it took all of five seconds to realize that everyone and their mamas suffered from the same bout of film trailer confusion.

So in order to clarify, in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Costner plays an aging spy who must stop bad guys from doing bad things. In 3 Days to Kill, Costner plays an aging hitman who must stop bad guys from doing bad things. Oh, and he has a normal family back home. See? They’re totally different movies that star the same guy who basically always plays the same guy. Even as Robin Hood.