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02.26.08 89 Comments

(via Getty Image)

In what may be today’s most shocking news item, someone uncovered naked pictures of former stripper Diablo Cody.

From completely nude to covered in whipped cream, riding the stripper pole to photoshopped topless boating, vibrators to nipple rings, these pics definitely show a different side of Diablo Cody than you may have seen on Oprah. My personal favourite: Diablo holding a Klingon Batleth! Also featured, the morning after her Oscar win.

Holy crap, a stripper naked?  What’s next, pictures of the pope shitting in the woods?  Anyway, you can check out the pictures in question here.

She doesn’t look more or less skanky than the next stripper, but I gotta be honest with you – I hate strip clubs.  There, I said it.  A roomful of hot chicks who care only about my money?  OMG, where do I sign up?  I have plenty of porn that I don’t have to pay by the dance.  And the internet never kicked me out for wearing sweatpants.

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