Oops: Poster for ‘Diana’ removed from Princess Diana’s death site

If you’re promoting a movie about the life of Princess Diana, you might not want to stick the poster in the spot where the real Diana died in a fiery car crash in 1997. Or, maybe it’s the perfect promotional tie-in! I don’t know, what am I, the sensitivity Czar? I’m more upset that they’re making another boring biopic.

Via Deadline:

Over the weekend, a poster for the Naomi Watts-starrer was placed at the Place de l’Alma, near the entrance to the tunnel where the Princess of Wales died in a fatal 1997 car accident. The poster’s proximity to the crash site – and to the Flame of Liberty, in reality a gift to the city of Paris from The International Herald Tribune, but unofficially adopted as a monument to Diana following her death – drew loud criticism from the UK press and sparked upset on social media as photos of the poster popped up on the Web. JCDecaux, the advertising agency which placed the ads, tells me it received no phone calls or complaints, but that the posters were removed at the request of French distributor Le Pacte. […] Given there are several thousand Diana posters around Paris right now, the person said the Place de l’Alma positioning was “a coincidence.”

Yeah, I ran into the same trouble when I tried to hang a Kill Bill poster in my Thai whorehouse. What? I just really like Tarantino. (*pantomimes choking while masturbating*)

[pic via Getty]