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03.31.08 34 Comments

NBC’s Knight Rider TV movie was up there with croc sandals, the Holocaust, and Viva Laughlin in terms of things so bad you can scarcely believe they’re real.  But that didn’t stop NBC from moving forward with a complete series, because they’re evil and/or retarded.

Knight Rider has been given an episodic order and has been mentioned as a contender for a Friday night timeslot.

But it’s important to balance any guesses about NBC’s new sked with one important caveat: Even Peacock insiders say what will be revealed this week will be written in pencil. Execs have made it clear they’ll reserve the right to make changes in order to react to competitors’ moves or if promising scripts or pilots take a wrong creative turn.

Considering the decision, I’m surprised it won’t be written in crayon, or safety pencil, or alphabet soup.  I guess bottom line, expect misspellings. 

"We’re selling advertisers platforms as opposed to specific shows," said NBC Entertainment co-chairman Marc Graboff.  What’s important is not that, say, "Knight Rider" airs Fridays at 9 but that the Peacock delivers some sort of action-drama in that timeslot.  "Advertisers don’t care as much about a specific show as opposed to ‘Am I getting the kinds of eyeballs I paid for?’" Graboff added.

They’re obviously after the kind of eyeballs with nothing behind them.  Anyway, read the rest of the source article if you like being depressed.  I haven’t finished it myself, but any second now I get the feeling Graboff’s going to bite the head off a live puppy and then cackle maniacally. 

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