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(“If ya think ya’re gettin’ arr Lucky Charms ya’f got anothar ting comin, boyo…”)

I like Colin Farrell, mainly because of In Bruges, but also because his expressive eyebrows make me feel like I can tell what he’s thinking, almost as if he’s human.  His latest film, an Irish indie from Crying Game/Interview with the Vampire director Neil Jordan, has been picked up for release by Magnolia pictures.  Ondine will be in theaters and OnDemand this summer.  Oh right, you came for the mermaids.  So Farrell plays a scrappy Irish fisherman (as if there was any other kind) named Syracuse.  From the Variety review:

Syracuse raises his fishing net from the bay to find within it a young woman who, unaccountably, is alive. Although fearful she could be an asylum seeker, he prefers to imagine otherwise, that she’s Ondine, “the girl who came from the water,” a sign that his run of rotten luck is at an end.

I’m guessing you won’t see “like an Irish Lady in the Water” in any of the promotional material.  Anyway, between this and Leap Year, am I to conclude that all Irish people are superstitious morons?  Next time I meet a hot Irish girl, I’m just going to convince her that the great Leprechaun promises seven years of good luck to the woman who puts a movie blogger’s penis in her mouth on whatever day it is.  Ha, just kidding, I’m gonna buy her a whiskey shot and sock her in the jaw.  Works every time.

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