Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens Exists, Has A Trailer Now

With the incredible box office failure of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, it might be time for studios to start to reconsider this new genre of combining two seemingly unrelated ideas into a mash-up of action excitement. At least, you’d think that it might be time, but people in Hollywood don’t learn lessons very well, so let’s move right along to Dinosaurs vs. Aliens, shall we?

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and written by Grant Morrison, Dinosaurs vs. Aliens finally answers the age old question – what would happen if aliens showed up to conquer prehistoric Earth? Come on, you know you ask yourself that question at least once daily. I’ll give Sonnenfeld and Morrison credit, though, because with an idea that sounds this eye-rollingly outrageous, I think it’s pretty cool that the trailer is actually them explaining why they made this movie.

After all, any explanation beats the crap out of thinking, “Hold on, someone made a movie about dinosaurs teaming up to battle aliens? No f*cking way.”