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06.06.08 23 Comments

Someone calling himself Bjorksux sent me some screencaps from South of Heaven, a film scheduled to play the Cinevegas festival June 14th, starring the magically boob-licious Diora Baird. I highly recommend her Playboy spread (NWS).  The film isn’t on Mr.Skin’s radar yet, but my tipster claims it showcases both nipplage and chonch – always an important consideration for high-brow filmophiles like myself.  But if that’s true, why he chose to send me only the PG-13 screencaps remains a mystery.  Maybe I killed Jesus in a past life or something.

Here’s the teaser, but be warned: it’s really boring.

South of Heaven is a cinephile’s dream: A mix of film noir, Spaghetti Western, and Pee Wee’s Playhouse. The characters are unique, the world obscure, and the colors vivid. [Twitch]

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