Disney Told Jerry To Go Bruck Himself

Okay maybe not, but I really wanted to use that title.

Now that Walt Disney Co. has such huge cash cow deals in place with Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm, there’s really no need for them to keep hanging around with loser friends from the past, so when their current first look deal expires in 2014, Disney and producer Jerry Bruckheimer will part ways. Of course, like any good couple, they’ll still get together every now and then for some profitable hate sex, but for the time being the Bruck is on his own.

The obvious correlation here would be The Lone Ranger, as the film has barely earned back its ridiculous $225 million budget, and that may still be lower than reported considering the millions spent on marketing. But neither Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn nor Bruckheimer will admit that this is simply about The Lone Ranger being a terrible mess of a bomb.

“We have a full body of work with them” Bruckheimer said. “It’s not about Lone Ranger. It’s more about the types of movies Disney is making, and the types of movies we want to make, in addition to Pirates.”

[Said Hall:] “This is about a long-term relationship with lots of pluses and minuses. The Lone Ranger certainly didn’t help things, but we all have our wins and our losses, and this is an overall thing related to the company’s supply of projects from all these other places.” (Via Cinema Blend)

Both Bruckheimer and Hall admitted that there are still projects in the works, like the neverending Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and that we can still expect them to team up again for another National Treasure movie. (To which I say, get to f*cking work already. The adventures of Ben Gates aren’t going to write themselves.)

But the main thing here is that Bruckheimer is free to do as he pleases, and I think I have the obvious and most important answer to the question of where he goes next: