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05.12.09 29 Comments

Disney’s old-school 2D animated film The Princess and the Frog recently released a trailer and a poster.  It’s a new twist on an old tale – this time, the heroine is a black girl from Jazz-Age New Orleans named “Princess Tiana.”  She used to be named “Maddy,” but people thought that was too low-class, too slave-sounding, and too close to “Mammy,” so they changed it to Tiana, and now she sounds like an Asian pornstar.

In this version, when Tiana kisses the frog, instead of him turning into a prince, she turns into a frog.  Which I suppose is more true to life.  Relationships do tend towards the lowest common denominator.  In fact, this is a lot like the version I wrote.  “Hey, Princess, I’m gonna put my evil in you,” croaked the frog. “Psst. I hear you’re into Wart Showers.”

[poster via Cinematical]

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