01.15.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

Friday Free for All is that time of the week when I post videos I enjoy without having to pretend they’re somehow movie related.  Hooray, let’s laugh together and hold hands!

Ufford from WarmingGlow sent me this video earlier, and I was going to wait until the afternoon to post it like I usually do with Friday Free for All videos, but my self-restraint goes out the window in the face of dogs dressed like humans.  Yeah, so some people dressed up their poodle and trained forced it to head bob along to the instant classic, General Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground.”  The original was one veteran civil rights activist’s scathing indictment of hip hop culture, clothing, and jewelry.  The remix video you can tell was done by white people because the closest they could come to that was cargo shorts, a beige gift-shop hat, and a necklace from Tiffany’s.  Oh, and also because it’s a poodle.  Ha, white people.

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