‘Dom Hemingway’ Still Looks Bloody Brilliant In This Latest Trailer

The last time we checked out a trailer for Dom Hemingway, Jude Law was a recently-released felon going after some money that some other very bad people stole from him. In this latest trailer for what looks like an exceptional film, though, he’s just a dad trying to make good with the daughter that he left behind while he was in prison. Oh, and he’s also partying like a madman while making up for all of that lost time. He’s clearly a complicated character with a lot of priorities.

Either way, this film looks awesome as a revenge caper and it looks fantastic as a tale of redemption. It also has Emilia Clarke, and I’m told by the oracles on top of the mountain in my backyard that men are quite fond of her.

Dom Hemingway hits American theaters on April 4.