Drafthouse to release Abel Ferrara’s 1981 revenge thriller ‘Ms. 45’

11 years before he made his most famous film, Bad Lieutenant, director Abel Ferrara was already exploring sex and drugs and violence in New York. Ms. 45 starred Zoë Lund as a mute seamstress who goes on a rampage after being raped twice in the same day. Of course, that was the old New York, before Giuliani ruined it.

Now remastered in HD from the original negative materials, Ms. 45 returns to theaters this December and debuts on DVD and Blu-ray uncut for the first time in North America. Fans can download two tracks from the film’s original soundtrack (soon to be released for the first time ever by UK’s Death Waltz Records) for free right here:

…Combining the rampaging angst of 1976’s Death Wish and Roman Polanski’s surreal, post-traumatic Repulsion, Ms. 45 returns from the cult underground over 30 years later to reclaim its title as perhaps the most shocking, complex and empowering vigilante film of the 1980s. [the press release, via Drafthouse]

I’ve heard Ms. 45 fires hyphenated bullets.

Just in time for the return of mom jeans! Anyway, this should be great. Old, violent, un-PC movies are my favorite, especially the ones that shoot their title at me like a bullet.

RIP, Zoe Lund, who died of heart failure in 1999. At least she outlived all those scumbags she murdered in this movie.