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05.12.08 47 Comments

The first picture of Justin Chatwin as Goku in the Draggin Ballz movie has hit the web, sparking a heated flame war amongst the mouth breathers who actually care.

Posted by: GOD YOU PEOPLE on May 11, 2008 at 01:44:03
[Responding to others commenters complaining Chatwin’s too skinny to play Goku] WHat is Wrong with you PEOPLE you know this is based on the time when goku was a kid in the first place and 2nd This is a actualy time when he was 18 he was skinny and wasn’t mist SUPER SAIYAN that he is in DBZ be was small still strong but wasn’t ripped so shut up he looks fine. Oh and for muscle bound JACK A$$ES i have seen and 250 pound man taken down by a 130 pound teen so size has nothing to do with it. If you dont want to see it then DONT stop BEING A$$ES AND SHUT UP [SuperheroHype[/SIC]

In his defense, it’s probably hard to type with flipper hands.  Also, I think it sucks that they cast a white dude as an Asian guy.  It looks like they just gave him a Pikachu haircut and went, “See look – he’s totally Asian now!”  How racist is that?  I mean, at least have him tape his eyes sideways or something.  Hopefully he’ll make up for it by speaking in an authentic accent.  "Ohhh rooky heel, I find a D-lagon Bar! Now I weer be unstoppaburr!"

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