Hollywood making Halo, a movie based on a book about a videogame

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10.06.10 24 Comments

Halo-Dog-Pew-pew-pew costume

A possible adaptation of Halo, Microsoft’s $2 billion video game, has been discussed for a long time.  The closest it got to being made was with Peter Jackson mentoring future District 9 director Niell Blomkamp a few years ago, but there were too many people involved (Fox, Universal, Microsoft, Peter Jackson’s people) and it fell through.  If you’re interested in the long, complicated back story of the process, Vulture has a thorough feature on it up today.  But the gist of it is that Dreamworks wants to make a Halo movie, and their plan is to base it on the Halo novels.  So if you wrote a Halo novel, congratulations.  You may have just won the dork sweepstakes.

Despite Spielberg’s status as Hollywood’s top producer and his ability to attract the best original scripts, DreamWorks has been focusing on using novelizations of the video game — the literary equivalent of Purina PuppyChow. It seems strange for Hollywood’s most successful filmmaker to rely on such lowbrow source material, but it’s actually a shrewd way to dodge the knotty legal issues and bitter recriminations surrounding Halo’s development at Universal and Fox. [Vulture]

Yes, yes, very shrewd, Spielberg, making a film about a novel about a videogame.  That seems like a worthwhile pursuit.  Videogame movies are always good, right?  My only question, Mr. Smug Vulture Writer, is what the f*ck do you have against PuppyChow?  You’ve got a lot of nerve.

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