Frotcast 287: Drew Magary, Crying Jordan, And The Legend Of La-Dash-a

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This week, we talk about the legend of LaDasha (the apocryphal little girl named La-a), the Crying Jordan meme, and welcome GQ/Deadspin columnist Drew Magary, who tells us about his Chopped win, the infamous thumb dance, his new book, and whether I can blame him for the rise of Donald Trump.

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This Week’s #Content

2:05 – The peculiarly pervasive legend of LaDasha.
4:00 – We asked our listeners for a “previously on the Frotcast” montage, and you guys came through.
7:15 – Back to LaDasha. Did Key & Peele try to pass off LaDasha as real thing that happened, or was it a knowing reference to the dumb legend they were making fun of? Discuss.
13:20 – Drew Magary of GQ and Deadspin joins us via Skype. We discuss the Crying Jordan meme, Drew’s now-famous Chopped win (and infamous thumb dance — pictured), and his new book, The Hike (you can order now on Amazon!).
49:16 – Batman Returns, and the guy who played Lattimer in The Program doing an incredible Christopher Walken impression the entire movie.
1:05:15 – The story of the 6-year-olds writing the Zootopia critic about ruining the Tomatometer
1:16:06 – The story of the scientists who discovered that people are turned on by robot privates.

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