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04.24.09 15 Comments

There’s not much about my job I enjoy more than posting new clips from Black Dynamite (see also: here, here, and here).  It opens at the Tribeca fest today, and for everyone else on September 4th.  The above clip is called “Dojo Fight” and I’ve got a couple more clips after the jump, and still more over at Twitch. I finagled an early cut of the film, and the for the first 40 minutes it’s one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.  The last 20, unfortunately, is nearly unwatchable, so I hope they’ve done something about it since then.  Speaking of endings, I’m currently working on a remake of Citizane Kane starring Vin Diesel, called Big Daddy Kane.  SPOILER ALERT: Rosebud’s a barracuda.

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