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02.22.10 35 Comments

Birdemic:Shock and Terror is currently touring theaters across the country with screenings hosted by Tim and Eric in support of the release, and Bobby Hacker just sent over the latest trailer.  I thought about waiting until Monday to post it like I normally would, but then I thought, would the dude who invented the polio vaccine have let all those cripple kids just keep limping around until it was convenient for him?  Of course not.  Dude would’ve rolled in on a throne carried by naked sluts and started healing kids with his pimp cane like Jesus.   And that’s what this Birdemic trailer is like.  After you watch it, you’ll never be the same.  It’ll be as if you lived your entire life prior to this moment with polio, and now you can walk.  Nay, fly.  On the wings of a killer bird.

This trailer just melted my face off and skull effed the puddle.

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