Drunken Orson Welles makes Rip Torn look like George Will

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05.27.10 32 Comments

Back in the 70s, Orson Welles used to do commercials for Paul Masson wine.  In this clip of out takes from one such commercial, he shows us what it might be like if a scientist created a hybrid life form from David Hasselhoff in that burger video and Alfred Hitchcock.  I think I’ve watched this 12 times in a row now.  I can’t get enough of the director shouting “ACTION!” and Orson Welles just sitting there trying to lift his 70-pound eyelids (roughly a tenth of his total body weight). *Director pokes Orson with a stick*    AHHHH!  The Freeesssh shhaaampaaaagnes.  ‘as alwayssh been celebraded forashexshellenshe…. *mumble mumble eyes roll around independently of each other zzzzzz*

Paul Masson Wines: They make grandpa wax nostalgic and fall asleep.


[Pursuitist via NYMag]

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