Easter Bunny vs. Yogi Bear: Who Did Hollywood Make Cooler?

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11.24.10 8 Comments

Just two days after we saw the first poster, Hop, featuring the voice of Russell Brand as the Easter Bunny, now has a teaser trailer.  He doesn’t speak in it, leaving us to wonder if the Easter Bunny will have Russell Brand’s slightly grating English accent.  I would assume yes, since the bunny plays Blur’s “Song 2,” which is so synonymous with all things British that Micheal Bisping uses it as his UFC walk up song. (Also, hiring Russell Brand to voice a character who isn’t British would be like hiring Gilbert Gottfried to voice one who doesn’t yell).  One thing’s for certain, he’s super cool!  GRRR, SHORT-SLEEVE SHIRTS OVER LONG-SLEEVE SHIRTS, IN YOUR FACE GRANDPA!!!  In all seriousness though, the fact that he’s not wearing sunglasses could go down in history as the most surpising show of restraint in Hollywood history.

Below, Yogi Bear shakes his ass to hip hop.

Why do I get the feeling studios have a graph somewhere showing the optimal amount of cartoon character ass shaking that will appeal to kids?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Which animated movie character most reminds you of Poochie from the Simpsons? If a group of Hollywood execs saw that, I wonder if they’d realize it was a comedy.

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