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02.27.09 30 Comments

Dreamgirls and Kinsey director Bill Condon is trying to get his Richard Pryor biopic (a word which is pronounced BYE-o-pick, not by-OP-ick, you jackasses), Richard Pryor: Is it Something I Said? made at Fox Searchlight.  He’s reportedly looking for a budget of about $25 million.  The bad news is, Eddie Murphy is attached to star.

Look, I know Eddie Murphy’s been talking about Richard Pryor in his act for 20 years-plus, and his Richard Pryor bit in Raw was pretty good, but he’s been cinematic AIDS for at least five years now.  You really want to entrust a picture about someone as legendary as Richard Pryor to the guy who last made Meet Dave, and then pulled a no-show at the premiere?  Wow, I sounded pretty earnest for a second there, didn’t I. Hey, so uh, Richard Pryor, that’s pretty much the same is Dick Pryor, isn’t it?  Hee hee!  Dick prier!

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