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02.19.10 41 Comments

This isn’t the first time someone has wondered about the cleanliness of 3D glasses — after all, keep in mind that you’re sharing them with these people.  Surprisingly, the biggest regulatory step so far has come from the Italian government.

The health ministry said Thursday it had confiscated about 7,000 sets of 3D glasses from Italian cinemas and could collect more of them. Officials said the glasses pose hygiene problems if they are not properly cleaned between screenings, and that the confiscated glasses did not display tags proving they would not cause short-term vision problems to users.  [AP]

Reached for comment, one Italian theater owner known only as Guiseppe had this to say: “Eh, whassa matta you take-a Guiseppe’s a-glasses?  We dinna have-a time for to give-a da glasses a shower, so we dip-a dem inna nice cologne.  Eh!  Good as-a new!  You never smell-a glasses like-a Guiseppe’s! Da ladies, you drive-a crazy!  Now-a sit, my mama make you-a nice-a plate-a pasta.”

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