This Is NOT A Teaser For The Next Bond Film Or A Really Sad Tourism Video

Sony Pictures has not, as it turns out, released a new teaser trailer for the 24th installment of the James Bond franchise, despite the fact that it was posted to a Sony Pictures YouTube page. Instead, as a lot of sly YouTube commenters were declaring, the video that you can still watch below for as long as it’s available, was a fake and just some sort of fan-made trickery to make me stop watching the NCAA Tournament for five minutes, since James Bond news always makes me happy.

Instead, this is sad news, as Total Film reported that it’s a hoax and an official statement will be coming soon. In all, this is good news for now, because Come and Dive? What the hell, man?

UPDATE: Nevermind, all of the videos are being yanked. Go back to watching basketball.