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11.06.08 22 Comments

If you missed South Park last night, go home and DVR that shit right now.  What, you’re telling me your stupid job can’t wait?  What’s that, you lost your job and can’t afford DVR?  Whatever, Professor Poopypants, this attitude of yours is bringing everyone down.

Anyway, they somehow used the election to do a send up of the Ocean’s Eleven movies, and one of the most impressive things was that they used material from the election night speeches.  Granted, we’ve known Obama was probably going to win for a while now, but they included stuff like Obama taking a puppy to the White House that wasn’t in the news until a day and a half ago.  They probably did the animation with the candidates’ lips moving a while ago, and then all they had to do was change the voice overs last night, but… Okay so maybe it wasn’t that crazy, but whatever, science, you’re not gonna ruin this for me again.  Feel how soft this puppy’s fur is! It’s a miracle!

UPDATE: You can watch the whole episode online now.

Also, did you hear Africa was a country? …Okay, no more politics, I promise.

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