Elizabeth Banks And James Marsden Are Very Attractive In The First Trailer For ‘Walk Of Shame’

01.16.14 4 years ago 28 Comments

Walk of Shame

If you thought That Awkward Moment had the market cornered on movie titles torn right out of a college girl’s mouth this year, then you owe Walk of Shame an apology, because this story of one woman’s zany quest to get home after a night of drunken bonery is here to scratch your records. Elizabeth Banks stars as “that bitch from the newwwwwws” according to a very annoying man in this first trailer for Walk of Shame, and James Marsden plays the handsome guy that she randomly chooses to sleep with after a night of drinking at a club.

Only, she gets a late night work booty call about the job opportunity of her life, so instead of calling a cab from the guy’s place, she just leaves and then has to cross Los Angeles to get to work to impress the network executive. Look, it’s all really complicated, but the important news is that Gillian Jacobs and Sarah Wright play her friends, and they’re both wonderful.

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