Ellen Surprised The Oscars Pizza Delivery Guy With His Favorite Actress, Julia Roberts

Hey, remember the Oscars selfie? Sure you do, it was the most Tweeted selfie in the history of planet Earth and beyond, and now every semi-famous person with a Twitter account still asks people to Retweet their selfies so they can try to get more RTs than Ellen DeGeneres. Haha, good luck, bros! Well, Ellen’s not even close to being done talking about that selfie and her awesome night hosting the Oscars this year, because when she has a chance to bring one of the famous faces in that photo on her show, you can bet that they’re going to revisit it and talk about what was going through their A-list brains at that moment. Take Julia Roberts, for example, who stopped by Ellen’s show yesterday to chat about, you know, stuff!

It turns out that the pizza delivery guy, who was also the center of some post-Oscars controversy regarding his tips, is from Russia and grew up as a huge fan of Julia and her iconic film, Pretty Woman. Naturally, Edgar is now Ellen’s favorite pizza guy, conveniently after he opened his own pizza place in L.A., so she called him for some slices to give away to the crowd and probably the second biggest surprise of his life.