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03.26.09 18 Comments

Back in the early days of FilmDrunk, we decided the term “jump the shark” had jumped the shark, so we replaced it with “durst,” in honor of Fred Durst.  Little did we know that he’d become a film director and would even get decent reviews for The Education of Charlie Banks.  Tucked into a recent THR review is the news that Durst’s next project is a script by Seven writer Andrew Kevin Walker*. From THR

“I’m going to direct ‘Psycho Killer,” Durst said. “I’m very excited about it. It’s not a throwaway slasher genre film. It’s a very smart, really compelling story about a serial killer on a mission for Satan.”

Is he being serious?  Hard to tell.  The hat says no but the stupid look on his face says yes.

*Andrew Ke7in Walker?

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