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(Dressing up as a Na’avi for a protest is all fun and games until Colonel Quaritch shows up)

Here on this Friday afternoon, I was trying to muster something other than a dismissive wank towards stories about Chronicles of Riddick 3 or a Three Musketeers movie when I found these pictures of Palestinians dressed up like Na’avi.  Ahh, this was just what I needed.  And it seemed like only yesterday when the first oppressed minority group were comparing themselves to the Na’avi.  So the story goes, Palestinians were protesting Israel’s separation barrier, and yadda yadda yadda, some people got tear gassed.  Just an average day in Israel.  Dressing up as characters in a Hollywood movie to protest Jews, how ironic.

Oh hey look, it’s Na’avi David Carradine.

[Full gallery here]

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