Every Summer Movie Super Happy Fun-Times Trailer

Senior Editor
04.27.10 8 Comments

In an epic undertaking, Screenrant recently cut together this super trailer for 24 films all opening this summer.  I say epic because the soundtrack is fortified with epic opera gasps, which usually means you’re about to watch some incredible sh*t go down, like batman flying off the top of a building, or a couple of cage fighters touch dick tips.  But in this case in means you’re about to see footage from:

InceptionIron Man 2Robin Hood PredatorsScott Pilgrim vs. the WorldSaltKnight & DayThe A-TeamMacGruberThe Sorcerer’s ApprenticeKillersSpliceThe Other GuysThe Karate KidShrek Forever AfterToy Story 3Despicable Me The Last AirbenderThe Expendables The Twilight Saga: EclipseDinner for SchmucksGet Him to the GreekGrown UpsSex and the City 2

Of course, some of them don’t quite fit the “much-anticipated blockbuster” bill.  For instance: Grown Ups, in which Kevin James’ daughter asks him “Daddy, did you make a sissy?” (his new epitaph)  Or Nic Cage as a Man Witch, or Tom Cruise in I Hope They Don’t Serve Gays in There.  Those don’t need epic opera gasps so much as a slide whistle and whoopie cushion.

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