Everybody’s Digging Ben Kingsley As The Mandarin In ‘Iron Man 3’

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10.29.12 12 Comments

Last week, both Vince and Robopanda brought us the new trailer for Iron Man 3, and I think it’s safe to say that they differed in opinions. Whereas my Gamma Squad colleague was rather enthusiastic about the revelations, Vinnie had a more – how can I put this nicely? – doodootastic feeling for the latest surefire Marvel blockbuster. At least Ghostface Killah has high hopes for it. I certainly enjoyed Iron Man 2 more than most people, because Mickey Rourke with a bird just makes anything fun, but it obviously wasn’t as good as the first one, nor was it in the same zip code as Marvel’s The Avengers.

That said, the trailer makes it seem as if Shane Black and Co. are swinging for the fences with what appears to be a much darker, grittier story, so it’s good that Marvel roped in Sir Ben Kingsley (Sizzle Kingy King, as he prefers I call him) who has been known to act well on occasion. How well does he act? He apparently received a standing ovation from the entire cast and crew after his first full day of filming.

“On his last take of his first full day as the Mandarin, when they yelled ‘Cut!’ the entire crew burst into applause, spearheaded by Mr. Downey himself,” [Producer Kevin Feige] says. “It was pretty amazing to see that.”

“That’s what you get when you hire Sir Ben Kingsley. He’s so excited about his part and so into this character, and frankly just scaring the heck out of everybody,” Feige says. “They’re like, ‘You’ve broken us out of our skeptical malaise!’ ” (Via USA Today)

At first I thought maybe Feige was embellishing a little, like a few catering bros high-fived and someone slapped Scarlett Johansson on the ass (I’m just assuming she’ll make an appearance), but then I thought about it and it is quite easy to imagine a guy as charming and flamboyant as Robert Downey Jr. encouraging the entire cast and crew by starting a slow clap and holding out his arms. That’s just so RDJ.

Anywho, here’s that trailer again, because I’m sure that you’re just like me and can’t stop watching it, and I also included artist Matt Ferguson’s new Iron Man 3 art as well, because you earned it.

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