Everyone hates Cam Gigandet

I won’t insult myself and you by calling this an “exclusive” but it did come from a couple tipsters and I haven’t seen it reported elsewhere, so there you go.  Apparently Priest, a graphic-novel-based film which tells the story of “a legendary warrior priest from the last Vampire War who”– oh God I’m dismissively wanking already, recently screened for Sony employees in an event hosted by Screen Gems head Clint Culpepper. The film stars Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, and FilmDrunk favorite Cam Gigandet. Apparently, at the post-screening Q & A, so many audience members began their questions by ripping on Cam Gigandet, that it prompted Culpepper to actually stop and say:

“OK, I get it, you guys don’t like Cam Gigandet.”

Oh sure, NOW he gets it.  Meanwhile, Gigandet had this to say about Culpepper in a recent interview:

Priest brings you back into the Sony/Screen Gems fold once again, working with Clint Culpepper — who made quite the impact at the WonderCon footage screening, shouting his support from the audience.
He’s a character, and a genius. He’s a huge fan. An actual studio head sitting there amongst the fans, screaming at the top of his lungs.

How did you come to develop such a close working relationship with him? You’ve worked together a lot in the past few years.
We’ve worked together many times. I don’t know why Clint keeps hiring me, but he does and I am eternally grateful. Even when we first met I believe I was 45 minutes late for a meeting. Me and my fiancée at the time were having a baby and I had my ultrasound, so I’m carrying this ultrasound the first time we’re meeting, I’m late, I’m sweating all over the place, he’s talking to me, and I had no idea who he was at first. I was like, “I’m sorry, I can’t talk — I’m late for a meeting!” Then I realized it was Clint Culpepper, and he was like, “Come on in!” And ever since it’s kind of been that kind of relationship. It’s never been pressured, it’s never been business. We’re just there because we love working with each other.

Aw, a friggin’ ultrasound?  I admit it, I feel a little bad about stoking the fires of Cam Gigandet hatred all these years.  I confess I was always being at least 10% facetious when I was ripping on him, and it takes a big man to admit that, I don’t mind telling you.  Poor guy, it’s probably not his fault that he reminds me of a non-porn parody of Evan Stone.