The Evil Dead Remake has a real trailer with gore and dub-step and stuff

I posted the leaked New York comic-con footage from the Evil Dead remake last week and it caused quite a stir, judging by the nearly 4,000 Facebook shares, despite the crappy bootleg-quality video. Like I said at the time, two things it has going for it are that the project reportedly has original Evil Dead director Sam Raimi’s blessing, and director Fede Alvarez says he shot it entirely without CGI. He also says that the raping tree is “way more terrible than the original,” for what that’s worth.

Fede Alvarez: We didn’t do any CGI in the movie. There’s no CGI in the movie. Everything you will see is real, which was really demanding. This was a very long shoot, 70 days of shooting at night. There’s a reason people use CGI it’s cheaper and faster, I hate that. We researched a lot of magic tricks and illusion tricks. [Like] how you would make someone’s arm disappear.

Now that the trailer is here… well, I like the no-CGI thing, but it sort of looks like what happens to every remake, they get hung up on making it DARKER AND GRITTIER AND MORE BADASS! (With dub-step). When really, the thing that always separated Sam Raimi from the billion other low-budget horror directors was his flair for the goofy. If I wanted dark and gritty I’d stare at my stool.

[HD available at IGN, opens April 12th, 2013]