Exclusive: Even More Storyboards From Channing Tatum's 'White House Down'!

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05.23.12 25 Comments

Last we checked in on the development of the Roland Emmerich-directed Channing Tatum thriller White House Down, the action was getting intense and the all-star A-list cast was only just unfolding. C-Tates, of course, stars as Secret Service agent Cole “Snoop” Baretta, as the White House is overrun by terrorists and President Jefferson Washington (played by rapper T-Pain) is kidnapped and held for ransom. The price? Baretta’s own blood.

But now, thanks to Baretta’s sidekick Pit Bull the American Bulldog (voiced by Pit Bull), the tables have turned on the terrorists and they just might be able to rescue President Washington in time for the BET Awards after parties.

This week I’m proud to leak the storyboards for Scenes 4 and 5, which include incredible cameos by John Malkovich, Clint Eastwood and Rosie O’Donnell. Will Snoop and Pit Bull be able to get out of their latest jam? Yo, they ain’t scurred.


Featuring C-Tates as agent Cole “Snoop” Baretta, Pit Bull as the voice of Pit Bull the American Bulldog, and John Malkovich as Colonel Ackbar Muslim.

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