Exclusive: The Poster Art of Mondo's Robert Brandenburg

Tonight (9/14, at 7:00 pm), the Mondo Gallery in Austin will be exhibiting the artwork of Mondo artists Robert Brandenburg and Craig Drake. FilmDrunk was offered the opportunity to exclusively debut the above piece from Brandenburg. Obviously, it’s a pretty big deal. What? Don’t look at me like that, ya boy got connections. (*throws up Cheetos-stained gang sign*)

Artist Robert Brandenburg will be reinterpreting classic movie posters by adding embellishments to the original one-sheets for the Mondo show.  His subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle tweaks to iconic art are sublime, adding new meaning to familiar poster art from movies like Deliverance, Manhattan and more.

Robert Brandenburg is a self-taught artist with 40 years of professional experience. He’s had solo exhibits at the Middletown (Ohio) Fine Arts Center, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Dayton Museum of Natural History, and Gallery1988 (Venice) in 2012. Mr. Brandenburg was born in Middletown, Ohio in 1954 and continues to reside there.  

Obviously, a piece in which Free Willy gets harpooned in the side (click to enlarge it for the full experience) and dragged into a rubber boat as he bleeds to death was right up our alley. If this could somehow include someone getting farted on and a corgi in a top hat, it would be the FilmDrunkest image of all time.

The Brandenburg/Drake show starts today and runs through October 6th.