Exclusive: Tranformers 3 set pics from Chicago

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07.12.10 25 Comments

Transformers 3 was recently shooting in downtown Chicago, and FilmDrunkard Mike was kind enough to take some pictures and send them to me. Plenty of other sites have pictures from the same set.  There are many like it, but these ones are mine.  Without these Transformers pics, I am useless.  Without me, these Transformers pics are useless.

Anyway, I’m not sure if the cars with guns all over them are supposed to be Transformers or what.  I was under the impression that the tagline was “Robots in disguise”, hence, changing into a car was meant to disguise the Transformers’ true, gun shoot-y nature, and having guns all over your disguise generally seems counter productive.  But try telling that to Michael Bay.  He’d attach guns to his pet snow leopards if he could push through the permits.

The one above kind of looks like it’s supposed to be a NASCAR stock car (the windshield, the tires, the number), but then the grill and headlights are different.  No one seems to know NASCAR’s exact involvement, but I’d imagine the main benefit is Michael Bay finally having an excuse to just paint ads all over the cars.  I’ve heard he directs movies wearing a custom silk robe with corporate sponsor patches all over it.  And nothing else.

“So what do you think would appeal to Transformers fans?”

“NASCAR, guns…”


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