Exclusive: Two More Storyboards From Channing Tatum's White House Down!

On Wednesday, Vince brought us the exclusive first look at a storyboard for the upcoming Roland Emmerich action film White House Down, starring the hardest working player in the Hollyweird game, Channing Tatum. What we know of this instant Oscar contender is that Tatum will play a secret service agent who must take matters into his own hands once the White House is overrun by a terrorist cell. Imagine the catchphrases that he’ll spout like, “I’m the bleeder of the free world” or something a little more clever.

Vince was right, though. I do have an inside line into the development of this film, and from what I’ve seen so far, it’s incredible. White House Down is going to have more famous actors than any film you’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure they even brought some dead ones back to life.

But what you saw the other day was actually the storyboard for scene 2, in which C-Tates (as Cole “Snoop” Baretta) saves the president’s prized chicken from a ninja assassin. Today, I’m proud to debut the storyboards for the movie’s intro scene, as well as the incredible third scene, in which C-Tates’ partner is introduced. Enjoy, yo.


Featuring C-Tates as Cole “Snoop” Baretta, T Pain as President Jefferson Washington and Sir Ben Kingsley as the Terrorist.

Scene 3 – “What’s Up, Dawg?” 

Starring C-Tates as Cole “Snoop” Baretta and Rosie O’Donnell as the Iron Sheik, featuring Pit Bull as the voice of Pit Bull, the American Bulldog.